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How to Buy

your House in Italy

  The Association of Consumer Rights Protection "Difesa Consumatori e Contribuenti", with its many professionals in many fields, has good experience advising foreign customers and cosumers when investing in properties in Italy. The advice we can offer, even with our partners outside engineers, is global: from needs assessment, looking at government offices and municipalities in the drafting of contracts, until the final preparation of acts of sale, as is well known that in Italy are the sole responsibility of notary offices.

Ruined Holiday

One of the most frequent event for consumers is to return from holiday seeing the service not getting paid or even to have been the victim of a real scam. Remember that only part of the complaint within 10 days of return!




   The Association of Consumer RIGHTS PROTECTION "Difesa Consumatori e Contribuenti" is located with its legal Office in San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Naples), at Via Armando Diaz, no 140, but has several other offices and professionals that work especially in the Campania Region and the Province of Naples. The Association is composed by professionals expert in different fields (law, tax, contracts and all different fliends in the wasof the protection of consumer rights). Their activity was extended not only to the areas of legal and litigation, but also to legal assistance regarding  taxation.  Our different professionals worked already since 2006 with several Italian Consumer Rights Associations  among these  "Noi Consumatori" (We Consumers), then later also with the National Association "La Casa del Consumatore" (The Consumer House). Our Association of Consumer Rights Protection currently works especially in the Campania Region and in other parts of the South Italy.

   Our responsible for foreign consumers and costumers, a Danish citizen residing in Italy, has a master's degree in history and italian from the University of Copenhagen and recently she  is also graduated in Law in an Italian University of Naples. Currently she is working as legal consultant.

   Our Legal Office is in the Province of Naples (South Italy - Region of Campania), located in San Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA) in the Street: Via Armando Diaz no. 140. Contacts us or via E- mail or call us at: (+39).081.827.14.82. The Direct contact to our consultant for foreign consumers and costumers it's at the e-mail:



The NEW TAX CONTROLS in the 2011

 With the New "Legge Finanziaria 2011", the General Law of the State prevision about the new year. The State Agency for the Tax controlling has intoduced the New Fondumental Parameter that is called "REDDITOMETRO".  How is going To Change the System of Controls?      

THE NEWS from the 1st of Jan 2011 about The Labour Agency

The National Labour Agency has prepared many news from the 1.1.2011. The last laws has introduced the direct controls from the Agency that after 30 days become esecutive in the courts. It's important because in a month a company or a Labour has to decide fast or to start a cause or to pay.  

The House's Block from the Tax Agency

With the Sentence number 4077 of the February 2010, The Supreme Court has finally decided that the Blocking of the Houses from the Tax Agency under the ammont of 8000 Euro is illegal and not more possible. But what happens for the pasted activities in this way of the Tax Agency?  Read what will happen about.


The Association of Consumer Protection "Difesa Consumatori e Contribuenti" is located in San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Provice of Naples, in: via Armando Diaz, no 140, but can operate around almost all the South of Italy

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How to Invest or Open your Business in Italy

Difesa Consumatori e Contribuenti, with its many and different professionals, is an excellent solution for who wants to start their own problems, particularly in the areas of tax, fiscal, and for those who pay in serious problems with the dealer to tax collection, Equitalia, and Institutions such as Inland Revenue, INPS, Inail and municipalities. Especially for who wants to invest money or open a business in Italy our professionals offer a 360 support in all law fields.  | Tel./Fax: (+39).081.8271482 | InfoMobile: (+39).3713690110